Mojgan Ghare is the brand owner and founder of Sparrow Design and currently lives and works in Toronto.

Graduating with master’s degrees in Graphic Design and Systems Design Engineering, she worked as senior graphic/interface designer and art director for several years. She also has successfully provided visual communication solution for many national and international clients before going off on her own to start Sparrow Design in 2017. Begun as a freelance graphic design and illustration business, Sparrow Design soon started to be known through many social media platforms and even got commissioned for product photography by local companies.

While primarily managing to launch her wholesale stationery business, she enhances her signature by combining different passions in various practices to extend the range of her talent even further. She always challenges the design and illustration boundaries in her artworks. Although her artworks offering a colorful and detailed combination of eastern and western visual culture, she predominantly works with pen and is well-known for her stark blue and white imagery. Mimicking her special hand-drawn illustrations with digital medium, makes her style stands apart from the more typically used digital art forms.

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